Lethbridge DJ

Lethbridge DJ

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  • Tangerine Tango – a “spirited reddish-orange” – was named by the Pantone Color Institute as 2012’s would-be top color, and the spring shows proved the prediction was spot on. Orange was featured heavily on numerous international runways and has since trickled down to main street department stores in a variety of hues.
  • Pastels. From peppermint to soft pink, baby blue to lemon yellow, pastels are big for spring. Nothing is off-limits for this flirty trend, as shoes to nail polish and everything in between are showing up in cupcake-colored hues.
  • Neon. There was a time where my favorite color was unapologetically ‘neon’ – and that time is making a comeback. But this time around, rather than being paired with high top sneakers and Surf Style jackets (just picture it! An icon in the making…) neon is showing up on runways in sophisticated silhouettes.
  • Bold prints. Spring runways were dotted with tribal, earthy and futuristic prints, from head-to-toe. Look for floral, tribal and animal prints this spring to give your wardrobe an instance lift.
  • Peplum skirt. Does this skirt make my hips look big? Why yes, yes it does. But that’s the point. The peplum skirt made another triumphant return to the runway for spring 2012.
Lethbridge DJ Marketing

Lethbridge DJ Marketing

The heat wave is just getting more intense so as the season’s fashion trends. If you are into what’s in and what’s hot, and want to try some flirty summer dress in vibrant color, you are into the tangerine lineup. You can also try the layer pastel pieces with neutral basics so you will be out of getting too sweet. Or may be an eye-catching look on the run way will make you opt for the 100-watt accessories. Yes, fashion is about everything, and in Lethbridge, fashion is a thing.

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Lethbridge DJ

Planning an event or wedding is stressful. There are many moving pieces that must come together to ensure the perfect event. Finding the right DJ can make your event spectacular.

You wouldn’t hire an amateur wedding planner, cake decorator or caterer – why would you hire an amateur DJ? The difference in a professional DJ is an exciting, engaging event catered to your desires. A professional DJ will interact with and engage your guests. They will listen to your wishes and vision for your event. They will understand your dream and work with you to make your dream a reality.

A good DJ will have experience with his equipment. He will know how to use all of the technical aspects of his equipment to his advantage. He will know exactly how to coax the very sound he wants out of his speakers. He will read the guests and appeal to the crowd at large.

Responding to requests with professionalism and tact is a must. Maintaining a list of required plays and must-not plays is essential to ensuring your event goes off exactly as you intend. A good DJ will anticipate your needs and will provide the music variety you seek while bringing energy and fun to your event in all of the appropriate ways.