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Lethbridge DJ - Fashion week show

Lethbridge DJ Fashion Week

Lethbridge fashion enthusiasts turned their full support to the city’s designer as the celebration of Lethbridge Fashion Week took place at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery on March 23rd 2012. Several Southern Alberta fashion designers have showcased their works while the entire show featured Donell Kollias, Kristen Mrazek & Amanda Harnos, 212 by Lauren Enns, Beatrix by Patricia Livingstone, Of a Feather by Sarah Auston, Shelly Court, Steph Hogan and Tammy McNamara.

Fashion clothing was also endorsed to the market during the Lethbridge Fashion Weekend Designer Sale the following day. All designers were selling straight off the runway at at Nicholai, Splurge and O3 Factor downtown, who also offered 15 per cent off store merchandise that day. Silla Designs was offering 20 per cent off.

Gallery exhibits were available with complimentary drinks and appetizers, plus an after-party at the owl Acoustic Lounge after the show.

Lethbridge Alberta Beat Arts & Entertainment Magazine talks about the after-party with The Force plus lots of people who were with Buckman Coe and a cornucopia of local artists participating in a Star Wars themed art show at the Owl Acoustic Lounge. Vancouver’s Buckman Coe brought a lot of soul, a little psychedelia and a couple involved jams.

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